Walking is Good

I walk to college nowadays, since its barely half a mile away from my house, and it has mainly allowed me two things: the time to muse, and the opportunity to feel closer to God. (I should point out that I am a practicing [in both senses of the word] Christian.)

I am an auditory learner, according to the state-of-the-art rubbish psychographic tests they give us in the education machine. As such, I do talk to myself (in as much as my lips move when I think about things). It sounds pretty weird, and I think it actually is, so I stop when I see people.

I always thought, before I started at KGV (my college), that it would be great to be this super efficient being which I dreamt up: writing revision cards summing the day’s lessons, getting up early the following morning, exercising, and then reviewing the aforementioned cards on my walk. I don’t do any of these things, and I’m not sure I ever intended to, but it describes what I want of myself. I’ve only come to realise this from seeing similar behaviour in other people; fillings gaps in your psyche with the things that you think your life lacked.

I will try to limit blog entries of this nature (as they’re a little wishy-washy), but psychology does constitute a small subset of the geek that I am.


About stegriff

Aspiring man of God. Professional computer geek. "Not a hipster".

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