Your immediate question must be, “Was the exclamation in this posts title absolutely necessary?”. Perhaps that wasn’t your first thought, but the answer is a resounding “Yes!” nonetheless. I have procured (by legitimate means) one BlackBerry Curve 8520. It is highly satisfactory, but seeing as this is one of its first few days in my care, I shan’t infer that it is the ‘be all and end all’ just yet, until its service record can begin to expand with niggles. I am rather chuffed though.

Needless to say, this post comes from the WordPress app. I’ve also had a lot of fun with the voice command system, which is some of the best software of its type. It can – with great precision – comprehend a phone number which I dictate at speed.

For the convenience of my friends and family, I am porting my old number to it, a process which should complete sometime today (though I fear it has gone awry). This, and the delayed arrival of its now-installed case, are the limiting factors on my beginning to use it ‘full time’. Still very exciting to get used to using it though!

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Aspiring man of God. Professional computer geek. "Not a hipster".

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