Mother Bee Ringtone

Derris Kharlan, real name Nathan, has a huge influence on me musically. He produces interesting, well-arranged music with mostly 8 bit instruments, and performs live. What follows is a picture of a cat nested in the sprawling neuron networks of retro games consoles whose minds and souls have been diverted to the production of beauty. Any picture where I can see a Sega, a cat, and a Korg product is a very good picture indeed.

I strongly advise that regardless of your musical tastes, you download Derris Kharlan’s free album. Free music is good. When it’s good music. Which it is.

I especially love the track called Mother Bee, and I could hear ringtone potential in the final refrain, so I done nicked it into a loopable file, didn’t I? It kept all of the original artist’s ID3 data, which is nice, because the work on my part was minimal (but, might I add, well executed).

Would you like to download a Mother Bee Ringtone? You should definitely think about it before responding in the negative. Oh, it’s MP3 format by the way, which should be fine.

Catch you later.


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Aspiring man of God. Professional computer geek. "Not a hipster".

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