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My friend Ben and I had been musing on making a comedy site for a while; videos are to Ben what code and… sonnets… are to myself. So, naturally, I was conscripted into hours of unpaid web design and admin duties, and we have emerged — I, scalded from working over a hot DNS — with

I could probably do a whole post on the branding and the tribulations of trying to procure an occupied dot-com domain, and that is outside the scope of this discussion. So, take a look at the website; it is herein appraised!:

Site design and accessibility

The first thing you notice if you’re a design-y sort of person is League Gothic. Try and escape this typeface. You cannot! It is not possible to evade the clutches of it and its bold, tall, gothic brethren, unless you entirely sequester yourself from the graphical web. If you highlight the text of the logo, imagining for a second that it is not an image, you will notice that it works! This is a trick I learned from Erica Greco’s website, and it aids accessibility for people with screen readers or text-based browsers like eLinks.

Blue is the easiest colour for which to design. Well known fact, that. I set it off against a sandy background and used a Photoshop tutorial on torn-paper edges to get the horizon at the top and the tabs. Ben said from day one that we should have a torn paper design, and I agreed. Rightly? You decide!

The site is much tidier than I had planned, quite sober, but I don’t think it loses out for that reason. An advantage is that if you zoom your browser in or out 5 steps (CTRL + Mouse scroll wheel, then CTRL + zero to return to normal) all of the content panels stay in proportion, so the site shows well on very big – or very small – displays. This is key to web design.

Financial and technical

As for the hosting, the whole shebang is on the same server as (which you might have used to get here today), and Ben pays 40% of my hosting costs. This is “reselling”, and does not contravene my host’s term and conditions (which is strange, I thought, but I’m not complaining). The domain would cost £30/year from my host, so I got it from a different provider ( for £10/year and messed with the nameservers until it pointed in the right direction.


Things like this are what I do. I am nowhere near pro at web design, but I have experience and problem solving skill. If you want to pay me to make you a website, that would be great! I design sites with accessibility and low-download size in mind, without compromising aesthetics (I hope).

Here are some other sites which I want to talk about in the near future:

Le Game – IP Shortening

Cloud Tools

In closing, I make no apology for the length of time between blog posts. You do however, get this nice lampshade.

Mobile media and more Tron

Quorra Blackberry backgroundI got the opportunity to see Tron: Legacy again, this time in 2D. Seeing the beginning again gives you a much wider view of the cyclical aspects of the film, including the neat little parallels drawn between Kevin Flynn and Clu (“In/out there, is our destiny!”)

I received the soundtrack recently, which is brilliant. coordinated with this delivery was that of an 8GB micro SD for the phone; having a phone for a fixed term of 2 years enforces me into making it a serviceable multi-use device. Combined with my new headphones, the sound quality is, even in my mother’s words: “Flippin’ amazing!” (Note: I played her a bit of Chic, not Daft Punk). I also discovered that I have, like 6GB of music, legitimately(!).

My snow photos are no longer justifiable background images, so today I designed a little phone background to help tide my decelerating need for Tron stuff. The resolution is 320×240, and it is downloadable to the right.

If I find the inclination, I’ll post about a little PHP project that I have on the boil at the moment. Check out my twitter @SteGriff if you think I’m an OK guy.