Minecraft and Me


Today has been all about Minecraft business for me. Minecraft is a multiplayer server-based building and role playing game. It is also much, much more than that.

More than 120000 people play Minecraft. There is 1 developer, 1 musician, and 8 people who staff the community, one of whom is me.

Ok, so you’re filled in.

I run the largest active “clan” in Minecraft (though I dislike the term… we’re more of a group) which is called Victory. They don’t expect much of me, but I do a lot of work on and around it. I also occassionally maintain a codex of all Minecraft clans. I also have a general all-sorts site (Minecraft Island) where I keep things like a guide to policing servers, and skins that you can apply to your character avatar.

“Isn’t that a bit sad?”

Yes, it is. However, if you really had to ask that, GTFO blog.

The irony is that I don’t play much Minecraft any more, but you’ll find that with a lot of old community fuddy-duddys. Anyhow, I bought Leon a premium account for his Birthday (which he had been expecting), and convinced a long time player (Kotestsu), and also my electronics class friend Tom to buy accounts. Neither regrets it.

Minecraft Log Cabin