I just love graphs. Today I decided to graph the first year of my mobile phone contract. I used which is a frontend to the Google Charts API.
Here are the results:

Phone usage graph

Graph of all services


Phone usage graph

Again, with a clearer axis for just minutes and data

“Data” is what my phone bill calls “Mobile Internet”. I think that it is data requests made by third party applications. The set marked as “BB” in the legend is Blackberry Internet Services, which incorporates web browsing, BBM, and email.

Graphs are good for you!* Make a graph today.

*No study was completed to establish the health benefits of graph creation.

Mobile media and more Tron

Quorra Blackberry backgroundI got the opportunity to see Tron: Legacy again, this time in 2D. Seeing the beginning again gives you a much wider view of the cyclical aspects of the film, including the neat little parallels drawn between Kevin Flynn and Clu (“In/out there, is our destiny!”)

I received the soundtrack recently, which is brilliant. coordinated with this delivery was that of an 8GB micro SD for the phone; having a phone for a fixed term of 2 years enforces me into making it a serviceable multi-use device. Combined with my new headphones, the sound quality is, even in my mother’s words: “Flippin’ amazing!” (Note: I played her a bit of Chic, not Daft Punk). I also discovered that I have, like 6GB of music, legitimately(!).

My snow photos are no longer justifiable background images, so today I designed a little phone background to help tide my decelerating need for Tron stuff. The resolution is 320×240, and it is downloadable to the right.

If I find the inclination, I’ll post about a little PHP project that I have on the boil at the moment. Check out my twitter @SteGriff if you think I’m an OK guy.


It’s all fixed

So, for a while, I had two phones with the same outgoing number. I could send a message from the blackberry I’m using right now, and the reply would go to the other phone. I think Einstein had a thing or two to say about spooky things like that.
Anyway, ring ring hello Orange. 20 unproductive minutes later, it’s all ASDA’s fault. Ring ring hello ASDA. Impossible you say? I know you’re right, of course, the guy at orange had a distinct air of ‘haventaclue’. You’ll send them an email? Oh how kind and useful of you.
It was fixed about 5 minutes later, so cool. I’m not going to hold a grudge or anything, i’m just pleased to get to use my new phone.
So life’s good at the moment, which makes for boring blog. I will season it with physics and programming and minecraft and all manner of geeky things, as a chef would lasagne with salt and pepper and whatever you put in a lazaggknee nowaday.
As they say on interweb, kbye.

Orange Customer Service

Despite the continued lethargy of my telephone numbers in organising themselves location-wise, Orange have been doing a good job of dealing with my queries. In my 4 support calls, I have spoken to an Indian call centre 3 times, and a nationally based one once. Nevertheless, all of the staff I have experienced were competent and helpful, after you apply a little patience.

My number IS porting, the process should be complete by 1600 today; a prospect which I am cautious to believe with any zeal.

Also, seems the whole world and his dog have heard of Minecraft now. That’s great for Notch! Even though it’s Indie (and Alpha build!) it is one of the top selling games internationally, meanwhile the forums and wiki combined get the same volume of traffic as does slashdot. Madness.


Your immediate question must be, “Was the exclamation in this posts title absolutely necessary?”. Perhaps that wasn’t your first thought, but the answer is a resounding “Yes!” nonetheless. I have procured (by legitimate means) one BlackBerry Curve 8520. It is highly satisfactory, but seeing as this is one of its first few days in my care, I shan’t infer that it is the ‘be all and end all’ just yet, until its service record can begin to expand with niggles. I am rather chuffed though.

Needless to say, this post comes from the WordPress app. I’ve also had a lot of fun with the voice command system, which is some of the best software of its type. It can – with great precision – comprehend a phone number which I dictate at speed.

For the convenience of my friends and family, I am porting my old number to it, a process which should complete sometime today (though I fear it has gone awry). This, and the delayed arrival of its now-installed case, are the limiting factors on my beginning to use it ‘full time’. Still very exciting to get used to using it though!