Old-School MUD Fun

This stole my day: http://www.realmofthemadgod.com/

Like the title says, this is a way-old-school multi-user dungeon where you have no permanent account; your character is stored as a cookie on your PC. There are a load of classes, like rogue, knight, wizard etc., and some must be unlocked by getting over level 10 or 20 in an available character type.

Grind around an overworld, kill things, get better gear.

They have these things which are unanimously known as “rape trains” (to my distaste). I guess it perfectly describes the system, and no-one has a better shorthand way of describing it. It involves a leader (which was me, when I had my level 20 Wizard) roaming through the “blacklands” in the far north-west of the map with a gang of people, killing the high level monsters known as “gods”. They drop good stuff, and give lots of experience.

It was interesting socially: It’s a very new game, but already has a very specialist vernacular, as you can see from the paragraph above, and screenshot below. Offering protection, or the guarantee of easy experience via a “rape train” gets a lot of people on your side very quickly, but the game is very ephemeral; accounts are won and lost in the blink of an eye. Fail to make it to level 10 and you’ve acheived nothing in your playthrough.

I went from being a “casual” (“Only casuals use pirate caves” say the hardcore) to being the hardcore. Then I died. Then I was a hardcore newb… it’s very confusing.

I signed in for 5 seconds to get a screenshot… check out the bottom line of chat.

Realm of the mad god

Anyway, check it out, but please, stop when you get past level 10. Stand up, have a drink, get some fresh air… it is the most addictive game I have ever played.