C++ Compilation Tool

Just a few days ago, I wrote my new C++ Compilation system for personal use, and I wanted to show it off a little more! Right now, it is highly adapted to my system, but with a little work, I’d like to release it as a more extensible package. Here is how I use it:

OK, this is the useful part of my desktop, with all of the tools in my C++ programing inventory:
SteGriff desktop

I open the C++ folder, and run ‘Make new template’:
SteGriff C++ Folder Structure

… which basically puts a Hello World program on the Desktop. Say I’ve modified it, and am ready to compile and test. I drag it into the BIN folder.
Dragging C++ Source File

Then, from the Desktop, I run the ‘Compile’ program (silicon chip icon), and type in the file name without extension or directory:
Entering compile file name

Hit enter!…
Finished compile

…and as you can see, the binary is made alongside the source file.
Right now, everything is tailored to the directory I use, but I can easily load that from file for public consumption. If the compile had failed – by the way – the text would have gone red, and returned MinGW’s debug information.

I look forward to making this better and suitable for anyone who wants it (probably not many people).