…I haven’t got much of it any more.

I am truly sorry that that page is not better designed; my CSS falls down on many occassions. I’d like to thank the people who sponsored and helped. The money will be with World Vision as soon as it has been totalised and the gift aid sorted out, etc.

The event was videoed, and the refined example will be released as soon as my video drone is finished in the lab.

See you soon internets.

Korg Monotron

First, Brett Domino. Ben, I want you to watch that. All the way to the end.

The Korg Monotron is essentially an exact crossover of the stylophone and the Korg MS-10, with a little bit of nanokey for good measure. Here: I’ve drawn a venn diagram with my mouse in MSPaint, just like the internet loves:

Korg Monotron Venn DiagramWhat is particularly exciting about this for me, is the fact that the Monotron really represents something I have always thought should exist. It is a low-fi, inexpensive-ish, analog synthesiser. Analog! Even the 2007 Stylophone was digitally driven.

Not only that, but it has a really hardcore, gritty feel about it. Korg genuinely facilitate you in modifying it. I don’t know if you’re aware of the circuit bending scene? Anyway, that, one hundred times over.

About the inexsive-ish: £40 is a lot for what it is. It’s not much for something a bit better, but frankly, the monotron doesn’t do much. Is it because of the analog gear within? I don’t know. It’s something I strive to own now, but not the kind of thing I can harmlessly add to my Christmas list; the Korg DS-10 was only about £30 a few years ago, and thats more fully featured than the archaic synth on which it was based.

In other business, I have straight hair at the moment. It is being washed back to its default curls tommorrow such that it can be liberated from my head in the name of charity. Isn’t that exciting? I’mma be real cold, eh.