Writing. I’ve started doing it.

I’m not as interested in story writing as I was when I was younger, but the allure of perfectly crafted ‘poetry’ is certainly great. ‘Poetry’, sadly, is a word I heartily dislike on the grounds of its connotations (heavyhearted middle-aged women, arty types, Romani gypsies and the crossover all thereof: Carol Ann Duffy)

It is things like this, when talented writers use the sublime in every day description, to which I aspire. For the time being, though, I have my little yet-to-be-named book of verse. I will be trying to widen my vocabulary, and then put it to sensible creative use. At the moment, my work has an 18th century flavour whimsy and romantic abandon born (as I well know) of immaturity. That, however, is how I feel like writing; I do not plan to remedy it soon.

Electronic Die

In my previous post about Ideal Randomisation, I concluded that a small, silent electronic die would be ideal. My good friend Paul has helped me out on this one, and given me one of some electronic dice he bought a long time ago.

The plan is to remove the buzzer, possibly dim the LEDs with a resistor (as it stands, they burn one’s retinas), and maybe implement a push button in place of the reed switch (read, “spring”) which currently activates it. It’s a little bigger than my ideal, but this experiment is very much ongoing.

It remains to be seen how these modifactions go.