New C++ Guide

A long-ish time ago, I wrote a guide to programming C++ for absolute beginners.

It was very easy to follow, but probably not very good; it was littered with errors and things that I explained away, because I didn’t properly understand them. Today, on Minecraft forums, somebody was talking about their trouble with learning C++, so I went and thoroughly updated the guide, and reuploaded it.


The process led me, strangely, to completely removing my reliance on IDEs for developing C++ code, because I wrote my own equivalent of Linux’s MakeFile program… it’s called “Ste’s Compile Shell”, and is very personalised, but also quite good:…

Now, I have an entirely new folder structure for my C++ stuff, and a new way of writing and compiling code. Basically, I run a program which makes  a template “Hello World” file on my desktop. When I want to compile something, I drag it to a binaries folder – also on the desktop – and run a little icon next to it, simply called “Compile”. Type in the file name, and it sends all the relevant gubbins to MinGW and returns a lovely .exe or debug info.

This means I can now use Notepad++ for everything it should be used for. Hooray.