C++ Compilation Follow-up

Seems that these last few weeks have been my first major failure to blog consistently. Never mind… I’ll keep trying.

In my last post, I described the compile handler I designed. I’ve made it much more functional, and easier to use, and it now useful on more computers than just my own! Despite adding all of these features, I managed to reduce the program file size by 9%. It is now 492kb.

Note: this isn’t a compiler. You need to Download MinGW to compile. This program just means that you don’t have to manually type…

>C:\Progra~1\MinGW\bin\mingw32-g++.exe -o C:\Users\Me\Documents\HelloWorld.exe C:\Users\Me\Documents\HelloWorld.cpp

…Every time you want to compile.

OK; so I’m releasing it. It’s open source (source is included in the zip folder). I’d appreciate credit if you rewrite or repackage it, or if you distribute it as-is (which you are entitled to do).


Ste’s Compile Handler

I’m not providing support for this, but email me if you want. I hope somebody finds it useful (but if you have an IDE you like, you probably won’t)! :)