It’s all fixed

So, for a while, I had two phones with the same outgoing number. I could send a message from the blackberry I’m using right now, and the reply would go to the other phone. I think Einstein had a thing or two to say about spooky things like that.
Anyway, ring ring hello Orange. 20 unproductive minutes later, it’s all ASDA’s fault. Ring ring hello ASDA. Impossible you say? I know you’re right, of course, the guy at orange had a distinct air of ‘haventaclue’. You’ll send them an email? Oh how kind and useful of you.
It was fixed about 5 minutes later, so cool. I’m not going to hold a grudge or anything, i’m just pleased to get to use my new phone.
So life’s good at the moment, which makes for boring blog. I will season it with physics and programming and minecraft and all manner of geeky things, as a chef would lasagne with salt and pepper and whatever you put in a lazaggknee nowaday.
As they say on interweb, kbye.