Apache Music Hunt

There is a piece of music for which I have been searching for a long time. In the 6th series Fresh Prince of Bel Air clip show, the cast have some focus time before the show, in which they dance to something. I needed to know what this something was, and my first searches were poorly conceived, and fruitless.

Today, I tried again, and have found success! The song is Apache (Jump On It) by the Sugarhill Gang, and — it turns out — has a long and varied history as a piece of music (which you can see from the link above). I have an interest in using the well-known hook in some other music, possibly in a Christian context, so I changed some sheet music into letters for music-illiterate people such as myself:

F# E D
... E

Starting at the 7th fret on the D string, this is one of the simplest things to play on guitar that I have ever seen.

Of all the covers, the Sugarhill Gang’s has it, for me. Despite the Shadows spending all that time in the UK top spot, the mastering, and the feel of the stop-start bass on SHG’s are just brilliant. The best price for the 6:13 uncut version is 69p on Amazon: Apache by the Sugarhill Gang.


Korg Monotron

First, Brett Domino. Ben, I want you to watch that. All the way to the end.

The Korg Monotron is essentially an exact crossover of the stylophone and the Korg MS-10, with a little bit of nanokey for good measure. Here: I’ve drawn a venn diagram with my mouse in MSPaint, just like the internet loves:

Korg Monotron Venn DiagramWhat is particularly exciting about this for me, is the fact that the Monotron really represents something I have always thought should exist. It is a low-fi, inexpensive-ish, analog synthesiser. Analog! Even the 2007 Stylophone was digitally driven.

Not only that, but it has a really hardcore, gritty feel about it. Korg genuinely facilitate you in modifying it. I don’t know if you’re aware of the circuit bending scene? Anyway, that, one hundred times over.

About the inexsive-ish: £40 is a lot for what it is. It’s not much for something a bit better, but frankly, the monotron doesn’t do much. Is it because of the analog gear within? I don’t know. It’s something I strive to own now, but not the kind of thing I can harmlessly add to my Christmas list; the Korg DS-10 was only about £30 a few years ago, and thats more fully featured than the archaic synth on which it was based.

In other business, I have straight hair at the moment. It is being washed back to its default curls tommorrow such that it can be liberated from my head in the name of charity. Isn’t that exciting? I’mma be real cold, eh.

People and Playlists

Ha. So I’m a mood which I have designated “infatuated”, and wanted some music to match.

I tried Last.fm, with tag “Love songs” which sucked. Also, some soppy artists’ stations, which transpired also not to be my thing. Then I decided I had enough music to put a good playlist together from my collection, ranging from Depeche Mode to Britney Spears, to Avantasia, Yellowcard, Greenday, and Franz Ferdinand. So pretty much all of my favourite artists.

It is much better than the procedurally generated offerings.

I spent the middle part of yesterday with my good friend Edward. My teaching him guitar is merely an excuse for our meetings, which are far more widespread in topical coverage. Oh, also he bought Minecraft by the time I left. That’s 4 sales I am directly responsible for now; if only spreading the good news of Christ was as easy as spreading sales of a game where you can beat a sheep to death with bacon and set fire to skeletons from the windows of your hand-built fortress.

Speaking of which, I spent an hour talking with some Jehovah’s witnesses in my porch yesterday. It was good, and there was mutual understanding all around.

Right now, I am developing a guide to the latest paid version of Minecraft, which we call “infdev”, partly inspired by the fact that most new buyers (like Eds) would find it hard to set out. It’ll be out in a few days I suppose.

Dan and Melissa’s wedding tommorrow, which will bring a satisfying closure to all of the stress (other people’s) that I have been made aware of during preparations. I am super-happy for them, too, because they’re a very sweet couple, and awesome people in isolation, for example, I was under the impression for a long time that Dan was the last word in cool. Perhaps he still is.