Half Term and Pokémon HeartGold

Half term has arrived, which I find annoying. I have more work to do than during term time, more games to play, extra expectations that are not school or game related, and no professionally allocated time slots in which to make sure I do these things.

I am really impressed with HeartGold. I have long held that “Hearl” and “Diamong” were the worst Pokémon RPGs to date; soleless graphics, naff music, bad character design, unimaginative world map, too many bad features, and worst of all, no fun. The new Gold really corrects this, for the story is as immersing as ever it was, with the added dynamic of walking alongside a Pokémon both in-game and in real life, thanks to the free Pokéwalker pack-in.

Which brings me to the free Pokéwalker pack-in. It is a pedometer with a ludicrously high-resolution 3-tone screen. On it, you accumulate ‘watts’ by walking (or drumming, if you are cunning enough to attach it to your bass foot. [I accumulated “4000 steps” on a set of 8 songs]) which you can then spend on catching rare Pokémon on the device itself. There is no tamagotchi element, thank goodness. When you uplink it back to the DS after your epic 12000 step day, your Pokémon is awarded a level or two, you get to keep the items you found, and the Pokémon you caught. Your DS also tells you a story of what your walk was like, only with full colour and nice animations which is… cute (in the “don’t try anything cute” way).

Also, I’ve started playing Transcendence 1.0 which is amazing, really. These things do not help with what I probably should be doing. Ah well.