Stupid Suggestions

I think Pokémon is great, for the most part. I just finished the league in HeartGold, with a play time of 30:49 over 3 weeks, but already, there is talk of the next installments in Japan: Black and White.

At first I deluded myself with how fresh they looked, and listened to the insidious talk that they would revolutionise the game. That will not happen, on reflection: Game Freak will stubbornly hold onto their precious metagame like their firstborn son… their onlyborn son, in fact.

“Digimon is a Pokémon rip-off” is the popular opinion. I always thought it was OK, because it was like Pokémon, but wasn’t Pokémon. That’s important; why can’t that holy grail of kids’ RPGs — the first and best monster game — be a little bit more Digimon, or a bit more… *sigh*…. Telefang? Digimon changed its whole plot every season, and sure, it’s rubbish now, but it really peaked around Season 3!

I guess they’re content with just swimming in their yen-filled, diamond-lined pool while women dressed as Lopunny dance on pedestals made of remastered precious materials.