Mother Bee Ringtone

Derris Kharlan, real name Nathan, has a huge influence on me musically. He produces interesting, well-arranged music with mostly 8 bit instruments, and performs live. What follows is a picture of a cat nested in the sprawling neuron networks of retro games consoles whose minds and souls have been diverted to the production of beauty. Any picture where I can see a Sega, a cat, and a Korg product is a very good picture indeed.

I strongly advise that regardless of your musical tastes, you download Derris Kharlan’s free album. Free music is good. When it’s good music. Which it is.

I especially love the track called Mother Bee, and I could hear ringtone potential in the final refrain, so I done nicked it into a loopable file, didn’t I? It kept all of the original artist’s ID3 data, which is nice, because the work on my part was minimal (but, might I add, well executed).

Would you like to download a Mother Bee Ringtone? You should definitely think about it before responding in the negative. Oh, it’s MP3 format by the way, which should be fine.

Catch you later.

Star Trek Bridge Hail

In Star Trek TOS, a boatswain whistle sound accompanies the start of any communication on the ship’s intercom.

“whhhwiiiiwoo… Engineering ta Capt’n Kirk”

Like that, see. Well I thought that would be a really cool — I say “cool”; I mean “neat-o-rama” — SMS tone for my phone. I set about searching the tubes for an appropriate candidate, but even the better ones had a lot of background noise from the TV program in them, like footsteps, tape crackle and talking.

Although I had realised it was a possibility from the start, it took a while before I relented and set about synthesising the original. After some pencil and paper physics to work out the frequencies in the original and a little mockup with the wave generator in Audacity, I opened Psycle, synthesised a whistle voice, put a tiny bit of GameBoyesque square wave in the background, tracked and exported.

I am very, very pleased with the result. It is pitch accurate to the original, and of nice, clean quality. It was, however, mastered a bit quieter than any other tone on my phone, which necessitated turning the SMS notification volume up a couple of notches. It sounds a lot better from a phone speaker than through headphones. I don’t know why, but it works for me. Now, RINGTONE GET already!

Star Trek Bridge Hail