Star Trek

One day a few months ago, I noticed Star Trek: The Original Series was on, on CBS Action.

I should say that I have never seen any Star Trek, except for misremembered snippets gleaned when I was a small boy. I haven’t seen the latest (or any) film, nor any of the series, at all.

It was up to around episode 6 of the very first series. Watching the beginnings of Star Trek as my introduction to the franchise was quite exciting. Ever since, I have had to keep up as best I can with the 2-episodes-per-day quota. Having just started watching series 3, I’m hooked. However, even since gaining an appreciation for the brand, I  find Deep Space Nine and Voyager boring.

The writers’ estimations of what technology would become are often amusing.

“Microtapes” the size of a small, fat floppy disk, which fit into display screens the size of a Macintosh 128K; PDA’s (or rather, PADDs) which are just chunky electronic clipboards… It surprises me that the writers could create amazing new ideas about space propulsion, energy, and even society, but not come up with any more futuristic data storage than tape.

The computer systems are so retro and unambitious, it is, strangely, one of my favourite things about Kirk’s Enterprise. I am currently making a program for DOS Prompt to recreate the patterns shown on their bridge displays, as my screensaver for Computing lessons. In the meantime, tap364 gets the idea.

The interface is impenetrable to anyone who doesn’t know what it’s saying, it’s just… lights. I think that that is brilliant.


I realise that I haven’t blogged in a long time. Oops.