Mobile media and more Tron

Quorra Blackberry backgroundI got the opportunity to see Tron: Legacy again, this time in 2D. Seeing the beginning again gives you a much wider view of the cyclical aspects of the film, including the neat little parallels drawn between Kevin Flynn and Clu (“In/out there, is our destiny!”)

I received the soundtrack recently, which is brilliant. coordinated with this delivery was that of an 8GB micro SD for the phone; having a phone for a fixed term of 2 years enforces me into making it a serviceable multi-use device. Combined with my new headphones, the sound quality is, even in my mother’s words: “Flippin’ amazing!” (Note: I played her a bit of Chic, not Daft Punk). I also discovered that I have, like 6GB of music, legitimately(!).

My snow photos are no longer justifiable background images, so today I designed a little phone background to help tide my decelerating need for Tron stuff. The resolution is 320×240, and it is downloadable to the right.

If I find the inclination, I’ll post about a little PHP project that I have on the boil at the moment. Check out my twitter @SteGriff if you think I’m an OK guy.



I went to see Tron: Legacy 3D yesterday! It really was a huge experience. I didn’t know particularly what to expect, but Tom and I had rumbled anticipatively for weeks beforehand; It lived up to expectation, and really – for a modern sequel – it didn’t make any of the mistakes you’d expect. In my opinion, it was exquisite.

I’ve been a fan for a while of Olivia Wilde of Remy ’13’ Hadley fame in House. She played and looked the part of Quorra to a tee. In fact, the mark of professional acting was apparent amongst the entirety of the cast: that I instantly believed in all the characters they played. Immersing.

Soundtrack is phenomenal. Since doing some synthesis for an upcoming worship set, I was listening harder than usual. Simple timbres with some mind blowing programming, and that’s what divides people like me from bands like Daft Punk.

One flaw strikes me, and only after 12 hours of pondering. The way CLU’s goals were portrayed gave you too little information to imply it for yourself early on, and stated it outright later. They didn’t really give the viewer a chance to figure it out before being told, and I would have written that differently.

If you can brave the huge snow, go and see Tron. I think you’ll love it, and I don’t see why you wouldn’t.