Introducing Coded for Windows Phone 8

Sometimes you want to edit a code snippet on your phone.

On Windows Phone, there wasn’t an app capable of letting you get a file made on another device, edit it in a code-friendly environment, and then put the file back where you got it from.

That’s why I made Coded!

Give it a try :)

Coded Editor Screen

Main Screen

This is my first app for Windows Phone, but I took a long time polishing it to make it as usable and smart as possible. There are some text editors for WP, but they lack two things:

Sync screen

Sync screen and menu

A “fixed-width” (or “monospace”) font. Examples are Courier New, Consolas, and DejaVu Mono. Every character in these fonts is the same width, which means that columns line up, making code more readable. It also means that tabs are always the same size, and a predictable number of spaces will equal a tab.

Secondly, the ability to import and export files to a web location is key. It’s no good being able to write a file if you then can’t do anything with it. Coded has SkyDrive integration to let you upload/download files from a ‘Coded’ folder in the root of your SkyDrive. In the future, this path might be configurable.

If many people download Coded, I would like to add more features and configuration. If you have Windows Phone 8, and you feel like it might be useful to you, I hope you try it!