Quitting Facebook

I’m not addicted, I’m just sick of it.

Admittedly, the initial idea buzzed into my head straight from this xkcd strip. I think Randall is a bit skeptical about Diaspora from the tone of the alt text, but I’m not bothered. I think it sounds like a beautiful thing, and a great alternative.

Anyway, I’m confusing you unless you’re very aware of this kind of thing, or you’ve already read the page where I discussed why I’m leaving Facebook at length.

I tried to make that page look quite good… sniffed out a cunning and perfectly legal way of using the Facebook logo font (Klavika) for my heading. Still, my writing style is super corny when I’m being righteous; that is a matter to be corrected later.

I’ve fixed the hub page of stegriff.co.uk to work in all browsers and resolutions, something I believe in fairly staunchly. I just need to make it XHTML strict compliant and then finish the evening with some /infdev/ minecraft. Ahhh.